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Families for Santa Cruz County Schools

About Us


We are a community of Santa Cruz County family members whose children attend public school.

We value the educational, emotional and physical needs of our children, the strong community our public schools foster, and the wide range of services our public schools provide to Santa Cruz County’s most vulnerable children. We believe when families, teachers and administrators collaborate our school community becomes stronger. We are here to help.

Advocacy Goals:

  • A 5-day full-time option for all SCCS schools by the 2021-22 school year.
  • A 100% virtual option through Fall of 2021.
  • Aftercare support during hybrid and summer school instruction.
  • Include families in the conversation when decisions are being made.
  • Increase communication and transparency by providing regular updates on the reopening process.

Foundational Beliefs:

  • Decisions made by our school district should be transparent.
  • Decisions made by our school district should include the voices of students, parents and guardians.
  • Teachers and staff need support.
  • Science and research supports safe, in-person education.
  • Not all families are ready to return to the classroom, and we support them.
  • Each SCCS has unique needs and resources which are important and must be taken into consideration.
  • By working together we can find creative solutions to return students to the classroom full time.
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